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Thank You Fletcher’s Trailer Sales!

As the weather get’s colder and fall is in full swing, it is safe to say that work on the construction of COMET is winding down for now. It’s a little too cold to paint the exterior outside, so until I find an indoor workspace I’ll have much more time to post about the progress of the last few months. I’m glad for the change of pace!

Lots of exciting things happened for us in the last few weeks. We brought the COMET to Deek Diedricksen’s tiny house workshop in Stoughton, MA. It was an awesome weekend of talking tiny, building a super teeny house on a trailer, and lots of time around the campfire. We got to hang out in the Whittled Down Caravan with Tristan and Libby, which was great. At the workshop we were interviewed for an NPR show coming up (I’ll definitely let you know when I find out the air date), which was unexpected and totally awesome. We also did a video with Deek for Tiny Yellow House (his youtube video channel), which will be out soon I hope! Even though the COMET remains a work in progress, it is really shaping up into something lovely, and people seemed excited about the future of the project. After the tiny house workshop, we did a video shoot for a Spaces.TV “Offbeat Spaces” webseries episode, which was really neat and a new experience for me. The COMET is such a technical project for me, and talking about the aesthetics and interior design choices for the Offbeat Spaces video was a welcome change!
Anyway, lots of re-capping and catching up to do as always (I think the only solution to this would be a clone…anyone?)…but I promise now that the weather has made working outside less feasible, I will be spending more time with the blog!



Now, to the rest of this post!

I got a really good question about where to get replacement windows for vintage trailers. I thought I’d share the best answer with everyone in this post!

I want to introduce you to one of my supporters, Fletcher’s Trailer Sales. Some of you fellow trailer nuts probably know about them already, and for those who don’t – they are an amazing one stop shop and resource for all things vintage trailer related.

I always loved the Vintage Kingpins website. Before I had a vintage camper of my own, I would always keep an eye on it for project trailers for sale, and when I bought my first trailer the website was a great resource (and their parts inventory is AMAZING!) I hope to have as many vintage campers (and other neat stuff) as these guys some day.

One of the windows in the COMET was broken, not just the glass, but the whole assembly was just trashed. I was nervous that I would have to replace it with just some inoperable system of my own devising – like a stationary piece of glass in a frame. I thought there was no way I would be able to find a matching window.

But I checked on the vintage trailer websites, and saw some campers that looked similar to the Avalon on the “Trailers for Parts” page of the Fletcher’s Trailer Sales website. I called them up, and Fletch  – who is as helpful and friendly as can be – was happy to go out into the lot and look for a double jalousie that was the size of the one that needed replacing in my own camper. Within minutes he had located the exact window that I needed, and promptly pulled it from the parts trailer and shipped it to me. I could not be happier with what I received in the mail. It is amazing to me that from anywhere in the country you can find something so hard to come by – a unique vintage trailer window that perfectly fits my camper. I don’t know of any other business that will pull exact parts for you out of their “harvesting” trailers and send them to you anywhere in the US. It’s amazing! And they have a great selection of campers (for parts and for sale) from all eras and styles. If you don’t see what you need in their trailer parts category on the website, give them a call and tell them what you need. I’ll bet they have what you’re looking for. We all want the most authentic parts for our restorations – and the best (and greenest!) way is to get it vintage.

Here’s a little bit about Fletch and Denise, the Vintage Kingpins themselves, from their website:

“I’m Bill Fletcher and along with my wife Denise we own and operate Fletcher’s Trailer Sales and Service Inc. We are a second generation, full time family run business that has been serving the public since 1963. Since then we have sold many brands of camping trailers, travel trailers, motor homes, truck campers, and utility trailers of all sizes and types, both new and used.
During the past several years we have turned our attention toward vintage and classic travel trailers. We feel that the timeless styling and rugged construction features of these beauties is not only a good investment, but also one that you can enjoy for a lifetime. Why be one of the masses with a cookie cutter box on wheels that will only depreciate in value? Why buy a trailer for $20,000 that is constructed of re-cycled beer cans and chipboard when you can spend far less of  your hard earned dollars on something with soul, that will turn heads and get thumbs up wherever you go.
Our mission is quite simple, treat others like you would like to be treated, honestly, fairly, with courtesy and consideration. We feel that this policy has kept us in business year after year while others have come and gone.
What do we have to offer? A nice selection of un-restored trailers from the smallest Scotty’s and teardrops to 40’ birch paneled mobile homes. We also have a number of ‘parts’ trailers that have unfortunately surpassed their own lives and will contribute their various parts to help other trailers go on and on. Although we do not offer full restoration services we will accept small projects and/or general service work from suspension and running gear up dates, to appliance repair with most everything in between. All work is preformed by myself with 36 years of past experience. Looking for vintage, hard to find parts? Give us a try. Either E-Mail or call (607-387-5838) and we’ll guarantee to do our level best to help you out.”

Oh, and they are also the Northeast Representatives for the Tin Can Tourists group!

I highly recommend Fletcher’s to anyone working on a vintage camper, or anyone looking to purchase a project trailer. And, if you’re on the tiny house wavelength, Fletch said that he has sold a few trailer chassis’ to people planning on building a tiny on a re-used trailer. A great idea! So get in touch with him if you need a trailer to build your tiny house on!

Here’s some pictures of Matt and I replacing the old window with the new one from Fletcher’s. THANK YOU FLETCHER’S TRAILER SALES!

Here’s the replacement window from Fletcher’s, before it was installed. It is an exact match to the one that was originally in the trailer (actually, it is a little nicer than the original!).

We removed the original window, scraped off all of the old caulking, and had a clean slate to work with.

Matt scrapes off some more old caulking before installing the new window.

We ran a bead of new caulk all around the edge of the window before installing it, to seal it (you can sort of see the white caulk around the edges). We used stainless steel sheet metal screws (which match the rest of the screws) and installed the window in a snap. It fit perfectly, and works great!

Again, a big thank you to Fletcher’s Trailer Sales for supporting The COMET and education in sustainable, tiny living!



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Thank You Samuel Morris Sustainability Fund!!!

I want to give a gigantic THANK YOU to the Hampshire College Samuel Morris Sustainability Endowment Fund for awarding me their grant in support of The COMET. They have made the largest contribution to The COMET project so far, and I am absolutely stunned and honored to have so much support and encouragement. As of yesterday, I have reached 1/2 of the total funding I will need to complete The COMET, which is very exciting! Thank you, Thank you!

This brings up another point as well, which is budget transparency and funding. I want supporters and readers to know where my funding comes from, and how and where that money is used to make The COMET a reality. I also want to be really clear about the cost of each component of the COMET, whether it be systems, interior finishes, or other supplies or materials. I want anyone who wants to do something similar to have my budget as a resource and as a guide for how much it costs to build and live in a completely off-the-grid, self-sufficient camper. I am going to work on making the “Wish List” page on this website a “Wish List and Budget” page, so that readers know exactly how much each piece of this tiny green puzzle that is The COMET costs and how grants and educational funds are supporting my project. Transparency is key!

My work in progress COMET logo!

Also, as you may know, you can donate to The COMET project, and support the tiny mobile green classroom and education in sustainability by heading over to the “DONATE” page (look at the top of the website, under the title) and clicking the Donate button! 🙂 And get in touch if you’d like to partner with or sponsor The COMET, I’m looking to create relationships with businesses and people that believe in a tiny, mobile, sustainable future.

Thanks again to the Samuel Morris Sustainability Fund and everyone else supporting The COMET!!

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On The Green Road

On The Green Road is Cece Reinhardt and Brenda Daugherty. I came across their website when I was researching The COMET project, and since I’ve found them they have been infinitely helpful and supportive of me. They were my first official sponsor! They really are wonderful people and what they have done and are doing to educate people about sustainable, mobile living is amazing.

Cece and Brenda travel the country in their gorgeous Airstream, which has been completely retrofitted with sustainable, green building materials and technologies in alternative energy. They tow their classic Airstream with a truck that runs on Biofuel (waste veggie oil). These visionary ladies give open houses and informational sessions in their off-grid Airstream, spreading the word about sustainable, healthy living. The two of them live in their Airstream full time, they even have a cat!


I think their mobile home is absolutely gorgeous and just so well done, it would make any square want to leave their job and hit the road in green style.


Their Airstream now features cork flooring, natural linoleum, a Kirei board desk, Paperstone counters, organic textiles, eco-friendly cabinets, a composting toilet, solar panels, and LED lighting. They are in the process of putting on a rainwater harvesting system too!



“Driving towards sustainability one mile at a time.” Please visit their website and follow their incredible blog: www.greenrvlife.com.

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Thank you Stone Soup Worcester!


I wanted to say Thank You to Stone Soup Worcester, an awesome collective organization in Worcester, MA that donated lots of lumber and plywood to The COMET project. Check out the “SPONSORS” page to read more about Stone Soup. Their contribution will help me replace framing and walls within The COMET. Thanks to Gray Harrison for helping me get the stuff out of the garage!

If you or your company is interested in sponsoring The COMET by donating eco-friendly building products, materials, services, or anything else, and in return get featured on this website, on my Sponsors page, and visibility all over the country when The COMET travels to schools and institutions giving info sessions and open houses (I’ll also do an open house at your place of business, your kids’ school, or both!), please contact me!

Thank you Sponsors! You make this possible!



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The COMET update

Yesterday I received a check in support of The COMET project from a grant that I had applied to months ago. They never emailed me or contacted me to let me know that I was the recipient, so I was super surprised and SO HAPPY when I opened the mail! Things are really starting to happen! Thank you Hampshire College for supporting my work!

Also, another update: I was planning on purchasing a composting toilet for The COMET, as there are a few companies that make waterless composting toilets specifically for boats and RVs. After talking to a friend of mine and fellow camper enthusiast Hayden Cummings (he’s the guy I buy ALL of my campers from because he’s awesome…more on him later!) we decided to design and build our own composting toilets for our campers that use the existing bathroom infrastructure. That means saving money (the composting toilets for RVs are REALLY expensive) AND a great DIY project to show all of you!! I’m looking forward to that. I’ll be visiting him in his camper wonderland (you’ll see) in NYC soon, so keep an eye out for pictures and more on that “down the road” hehe.

I also also want to direct you all to my Sponsors page, where you will see that I have a new sponsor! On The Green Road – sustainable and off-grid camper buddies Cece Reinhardt and Brenda Daugherty, became my first official Sponsor the other day! Thank you, On The Green Road! Check out my Sponsors page for more on them, and stay tuned for an in-depth post about them coming up soon! They are really lovely ladies doing amazing things with their camper: http://www.greenrvlife.com. More on them later!

Okay that’s all the updates for right now…later on today I’ll be posting “Tips for buying your first vintage camper, PART 1 and PART 2”, where I discuss how to find a vintage camper and what to look for (and watch out for and avoid!) when inspecting a potential camper project.

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