“Wish List” for The COMET. If you have any extra materials you would like donate, please contact me! I also have sponsorship opportunities for businesses wanting to donate products/labor to the project, and in return get lots of visibility on this site! Even the smallest amount can make a huge difference in a small space!

-No-VOC paint and finishes (Thanks GreenBuildingSupply.com!)

-Organic and sustainably produced fabric (for cushions and bedding) (Thank You Sew Fine Fabrics for the upholstery fabric and thank you to OnTheGreenRoad for the organic bedding!)

-Natural linoleum (Thanks GreenBuildingSupply.com!)

-Flooring (Marmoleum generously donated by GreenBuildingSupply.com)

-LED lighting, lighbulbs (anyone want to donate a few lightbulbs to a good cause?)

-Window replacement for door, rear window (Thank you Fletcher’s Trailer Sales!)

-Lumber and Paneling (Thank you Stone Soup and WCUW)

-Non-toxic cotton insulation (Thank you GreenBuildingSupply.com)

-Composting toilet materials (Thank You Polyfoam Corp. and the Tim Harkness Fund for Invention!)

-Outdoor solar shower

– Charge Controller

– Deep Cycle Batteries

– PV panels (Thank you Cotuit Solar!)

Grants Received – Thank you to all who are supporting The COMET!

Timothy Harkness Fund for Invention: $1100 to build a rainwater collection/filtration system and bumper greenhouse.

Social Venture Fund: $200 towards materials.

Joshua Reck Memorial Fund: $50

Gregory and Toni Prince Award: $200

Pope Foundation Grant: $300

President’s Office Grant (Hampshire College): $500

Samuel Morris Sustainability Endowment Fund: $1100

That’s $3450 total, which means we’re half-way there!

Salvage the fixtures, replace with LED bulbs!

3 thoughts on “WISH LIST + BUDGET

  1. George says:

    Cheap but great deep cycle batteries can be purchased through Interstate Batteries regional distributors (the centerilalized warehouse where all supplies get product which also has a retail storefront). New batteries are very expensive but Interstate sells a line of used batteries that have been returned on warranty and after testing and charging will resell the good ones at a deep discount. Look for the 6 volt GOLF CART batteries and use two wired in series for 12 volts. Batteries have a huge amp-hour capacity and will a outlast car batteries. The golf-cart batteries weight a ton because of their size (therefore, capacity)… if you need less electrical storage capacity then go for the 12 volt marine battery (same size as car battery).

    On a related note, if you commute once or twice a week, consider mounting the batteries in a box under the seat or in thr trunk of your car. Why? Thisxway you can use the

  2. George says:

    … This way you can utilize the excess output from your alternator (while driving) to charge the deep cycle batteries and forgo or supplement the need for solar power on cloudy days or in winter. (Solar panels on cartop will also confuse onlookers and act as a good conversation starter as well as being a good place to store/mount them).

    Hook up power-line from car to trailer at night or as needed for electrical needs… BTW, a microwave is the most efficient way to heat boiling water other than solar if you have excess electrical power (which you will)!

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