We Have Moved!

I am very excited to announce that COMETCAMPER.com, the COMET CAMPER blog (this website) has MOVED!

We are now updating and blogging at the new www.cometcamper.com, please go there to read the CometCamper blog, keep in touch with us, and see all of the new features and awesome new content on the new website.

Thank you so much for sticking with me through this process of transition – I know it will be worth the change!

So head on over to the new www.cometcamper.com, subscribe to the mailing list and get my free eBook when you do!

Thank you again, I appreciate all of you guys reading my little blog and following along. There are so many adventures still to come, I’d be so happy if you guys followed me at my new home on the internet!

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One thought on “We Have Moved!

  1. alymc2012 says:

    Hey Mariah, I am so excited for your site! Been glued to mine, almost done, should be on-line by weeks end. I will let you know………..

    I just clicked onto your site and I am assuming that the problem is on my end but I am unable to get to your site using the links. Sorry to bring bummer news………….. Love, Alicia http://www.curiositiesjournal.com Living Green in an RV

    http://www.gogreen101.com Where Inspiration, Education and Action live

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