Here are our wonderful sponsors!

On The Green Road (greenrvlife.com) is Cece Reinhardt + Brenda Daugherty. They travel the country in their gorgeous Airstream, which has been completely retrofitted with sustainable, green building materials and exciting technologies in alternative energy. They tow their classic Airstream in a truck that runs on Biofuel (waste veggie oil). These visionary ladies give open houses and informational sessions in their off-grid Airstream, spreading the word about sustainable, healthy living. “Driving towards sustainability one mile at a time.” Please visit their website and follow their incredible blog: http://www.greenrvlife.com.

Stone Soup

Stone Soup is a membership-based organization committed to three areas of focus: the arts, community, and affordable housing. The mission of Stone Soup is to create self-sustaining, economically accessible spaces and educational activities that are open to neighbors, activists, community groups, and artists. Inspired by principles of inclusion, collective participation, and universal affordability, Stone Soup aims to set an example of how creative community development of and for the people can stimulate local economies without resorting to gentrification. Thank you Stone Soup Worcester for donating lumber and plywood to the project!

Green Building Supply has been in the green building business for over 20 years. You can’t beat their experience and knowledge when it comes to sustainable building materials and systems. Green Building Supply is a one-stop-shop for all your natural and eco-friendly home building products. You can quickly and effortlessly browse through hundreds of natural and non-toxic products on their website. Every item they offer is non-toxic, renewable or recycled, and exceeds environmental standards. I love that GReen Building Supply has been committed to green building for so long, and their continued commitment to energy efficiency and systems goes beyond just an “eco-friendly” product. Every product that they offer has been tested by Green Building Supply, and they really know what they’re doing! Their website is helpful and has all the information you could ever want about each product. Thank You, Green Building Supply, for your generous contribution to The COMET!

I really do love Timbucktu RV, I can’t say enough good things about this place. Located right in Worcester, MA on Southbridge St., Timbucktu RV has EVERYTHING for campers, RV’s and motorhomes – new or vintage. I can get retro replacement parts and new, high quality solar products all under one roof at Timbucktu RV. They repair campers and trailers, offer a full selection of RV parts and accessories in their store, and have a huge catalog of special order parts (my favorite!). These are the nicest bunch of guys and Timbucktu has the best customer service anywhere. My family has been shopping here for years, and I can see why. All of the appliances that they offer would be ideal in a tiny house on wheels, too. Their new address is 1047 Southbridge Street, Worcester, MA. Timbucktu is in the process of moving their inventory and getting a new website, so when that gets updated I will add that information as well! For now, please call 508-459-1132 for a catalog. Thank you Timbucktu RV!!


sewfinefabrics logo

Who said organic fabric had to mean neutral tones of hempy linen? I was bummed out about what I was finding online for organic fabrics options for the COMET upholstery, until I stumbled upon the Etsy shop, Sew Fine Fabrics. I wanted something bright, fun, and retro – not pea-green and scratchy. I was also looking for something affordable (everything else I came across was about $40/yard – yikes!) and Sew Fine Fabrics delivered everything I wanted at an affordable price. Sew Fine Fabrics offers organic lightweight and home decor weight fabrics in bright colors, amazing prints, and retro styling. Jodi Walter Jones, the owner of this lovely shop, says, “I’m seriously obsessed with finding fabrics I love. I spend way too much time tracking them down. I love that organic now means colors and textures and modern designs rather them the plain oatmeal color of the recent past.” I could not agree more.
I used the Pinstripe organic home-decor weight fabric for the rear bench in the COMET (also my bed!). I also used the Starburst Orange fabric for accent pillows. I was so excited to find an organic fabric in a pattern that I loved in the exact color scheme of the COMET – teal ad orange! It’s a perfect match. And all the fabrics are SUPER soft and sturdy. Just recently I ordered some more teal + orange fabrics from Sew Fine that I haven’t used yet, but plan on incorporating into the trailer soon.
So if your looking for some eco-friendly fabrics to use in your tiny house, vintage trailer, or other project, please do check out Sew Fine Fabrics on Etsy. Jodi is super sweet, and is happy to make up custom listings. I wholeheartedly recommend Sew Fine Fabrics.

fletcher's card

Fletcher’s Trailer Sales – some of you fellow trailer nuts probably know about them already, and for those who don’t – they are an amazing one stop shop and resource for all things vintage trailer related.

I always loved the Vintage Kingpins website. Before I had a vintage camper of my own, I would always keep an eye on it for project trailers for sale, and when I bought my first trailer the website was a great resource (and their parts inventory is AMAZING!) I hope to have as many vintage campers (and other neat stuff) as these guys some day.

One of the windows in the COMET was broken, not just the glass, but the whole assembly was just trashed. I was nervous that I would have to replace it with just some inoperable system of my own devising – like a stationary piece of glass in a frame. I thought there was no way I would be able to find a matching window.

But I checked on the vintage trailer websites, and saw some campers that looked similar to the Avalon on the “Trailers for Parts” page of the Fletcher’s Trailer Sales website. I called them up, and Fletch  – who is as helpful and friendly as can be – was happy to go out into the lot and look for a double jalousie that was the size of the one that needed replacing in my own camper. Within minutes he had located the exact window that I needed, and promptly pulled it from the parts trailer and shipped it to me. I could not be happier with what I received in the mail. It is amazing to me that from anywhere in the country you can find something so hard to come by – a unique vintage trailer window that perfectly fits my camper. I don’t know of any other business that will pull exact parts for you out of their “harvesting” trailers and send them to you anywhere in the US. It’s amazing! And they have a great selection of campers (for parts and for sale) from all eras and styles. If you don’t see what you need in their trailer parts category on the website, give them a call and tell them what you need. I’ll bet they have what you’re looking for. We all want the most authentic parts for our restorations – and the best (and greenest!) way is to get it vintage.

Here’s a little bit about Fletch and Denise, the Vintage Kingpins themselves, from their website:

“I’m Bill Fletcher and along with my wife Denise we own and operate Fletcher’s Trailer Sales and Service Inc. We are a second generation, full time family run business that has been serving the public since 1963. Since then we have sold many brands of camping trailers, travel trailers, motor homes, truck campers, and utility trailers of all sizes and types, both new and used.
During the past several years we have turned our attention toward vintage and classic travel trailers. We feel that the timeless styling and rugged construction features of these beauties is not only a good investment, but also one that you can enjoy for a lifetime. Why be one of the masses with a cookie cutter box on wheels that will only depreciate in value? Why buy a trailer for $20,000 that is constructed of re-cycled beer cans and chipboard when you can spend far less of  your hard earned dollars on something with soul, that will turn heads and get thumbs up wherever you go.
Our mission is quite simple, treat others like you would like to be treated, honestly, fairly, with courtesy and consideration. We feel that this policy has kept us in business year after year while others have come and gone.
What do we have to offer? A nice selection of un-restored trailers from the smallest Scotty’s and teardrops to 40’ birch paneled mobile homes. We also have a number of ‘parts’ trailers that have unfortunately surpassed their own lives and will contribute their various parts to help other trailers go on and on. Although we do not offer full restoration services we will accept small projects and/or general service work from suspension and running gear up dates, to appliance repair with most everything in between. All work is preformed by myself with 36 years of past experience. Looking for vintage, hard to find parts? Give us a try. Either E-Mail or call (607-387-5838) and we’ll guarantee to do our level best to help you out.”
Oh, and they are also the Northeast Representatives for the Tin Can Tourists group!
I highly recommend Fletcher’s to anyone working on a vintage camper, or anyone looking to purchase a project trailer. And, if you’re on the tiny house wavelength, Fletch said that he has sold a few trailer chassis’ to people planning on building a tiny on a re-used trailer. A great idea! So get in touch with him if you need a trailer to build your tiny house on!



If you’d like to support The COMET by becoming a sponsor, please contact me!

2 thoughts on “Sponsors

  1. Hi Mariah –

    We love what you are doing here! On the Green Road would love to sponsor you by sending you organic pillow cases and sheets. What is your bed size? Do you like gray, cream, patterns, solids? Send us an address and we will get these to you.

    Brenda and Cece

    • Cece and Brenda!
      You are so sweet! Thank you!
      I was just about to write a blog post about you and your airstream and how helpful and awesome you are. It’s great to have you both as camper buddies.
      I’ll send you a message with the details 🙂

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