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Check out this Pinterest page – all about tiny houses and camper restoration

Someone shares my obsessions!

I found this Pinterest page (board?) a while back and have been refreshing the tab regularly ever since. It has all sorts of great links to DIY tutorials, camper eye candy, off-grid trailer ideas, and more. New things are added to the board all the time. Check out this link for camper and tiny house ideas!

Not Quite Vintage Tiny Homes/RVs

This is a great idea for linoleum tiles. You could do this with Marmoleum flooring pretty easily!

**Tiny House Summer Camp is SO SOON! Less than 2 weeks away, and the COMET has no floor and a wall is being replaced and reframed. I need to get the pictures off of my camera and onto the blog so you guys can see what I’m talking about! It’s crazy.

Anyway, I PROMISE pictures and details about all of the repairs later. I think you guys will enjoy the walk through. It isn’t pretty, and it’s more structural repair than I’ve ever had to do in a trailer before, but it’s encouraging because, thanks to my prior experience with last summer’s trailer, Matt’s help, and the Rockwell SonicCrafter (I need to do a tool review – this thing can’t be beat), it’s taken me 4 days to do what it took me 2 months to do last year. Amazing!


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Tiny Camper-Houseboat Eye Candy

This is my dream home. And it doesn’t seem like it would be too difficult to pull off. Maybe when The COMET is done touring the country for a while, I’ll put it on a barge and live on the ocean!

I’ve always wanted a deck on top of a camper, this is a great way to achieve that!


I’ll be out in the COMET today, removing the old water tank, old toilet, rotted wood and such. Demolition day! Pictures to follow, until then, have a lovely day readers!

(Oh, and go over to relaxshacks.com and sign up for Tiny House Summer Camp!! Full roster was just announced, and it’s going to be an amazing weekend.

Also, if you haven’t already done so, sign up for the Tumbleweed tiny house workshop in Boston in May, which is going to be another wonderful weekend. We’re going to look at the ORIGINAL Tumbleweed tiny house! It’s basically a historical landmark!)

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Solar RV Eye Candy!

I’ve been so caught up in technical details surrounding The COMET lately that I haven’t done a just-for-fun Eye Candy photo in weeks!

The madness ends now!

Here’s a wonderful image of a solar-powered motorhome.

Based on the size and number of those panels, looks like it’s about a 750-Watt system. I wonder if those panels tilt up for when they’re parked, of if they are snowbirds and just follow the peak sun. Anyway, it’s a beautiful and unique RV, I love the seafoam green accents 😉

Speaking of beautiful and unique RVs, a friend of mine just began working on a rare vintage motorhome called a Clark Cortez. He’s fixing it up mechanically and also planning to build the interior from scratch, as it is completely gutted right now. Apparently there were only 3000 Cortez’s ever built while they were in production between 1963-79. The people who are into them are REALLY into them, it’s like a club! After pouring over the owners and parts manuals that my friend had (which was way more fun than it should be…vintage motorhome owners/parts manuals are definitely the way to my heart!), which was as thick as a dictionary and had schematics for EVERY single detail of every aspect of the Cortez, I realized that a house not far from me has not one but TWO Clark Cortez’s in their back yard, one brown and on pink (!). Considering how rare they are, one person owning 2 Cortez’s is sort of mind-blowing! This family also has a vintage Winnebago and a couple of other 1960’s campers in their yard, so they seem like my kind of people. I’m considering knocking on their door (with my buddy who wants to see their Cortez’s interiors for ideas) and asking them how they came to own so many interesting, classic RVs, and hear their story…but maybe that would be an odd thing to do?

The Cortez at the RV Hall Of Fame, a lifetime destination for me.

Anyway, enjoy the camper eye candy, and later I’ll share some photos of my fermentation set-up that I accomplished for less than $5, which was my goal! (I found the greatest gallon glass jar at Salvation army – wait till you see).

Until then!


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Bedford and Ole Bill

As promised, here are some pictures of the wonderful vehicles I saw in London last week. None of them are campers per se, but still totally awesome and would make great camper conversions I think!


Here’s a blue and white vintage Bedford that’s been turned into a food truck. Bedford also made awesome campers/motorhomes. Only in Europe!


Also outside of the British Museum, right near the blue Bedford, was this awesome green vehicle. In the wonderful camper eye-candy, super inspiring book “My Cool Caravan” (by Jane Field-Lewis, available from Amazon here), which features photos and stories of European campers, my favorite camper in the whole book is built from one of these vehicles. It’s so industrial looking, totally unique. I’ll have to look up what kind of vehicle it is and let you know.


And here’s me with Ole Bill at the Imperial War Museum. It’s a double decker bus. But if you for some reason could get your hands on one, it would make an amazing camper conversion vehicle with a deck on top!


There it is! The cool vehicles I saw in London. I saw some neat campers too, while on the train outside of the city, but unfortunately couldn’t get any pictures 😦  My dad says that I just love European campers because they aren’t what I’m used to, but I have a feeling they might just be more wonderful than the campers we have in the States. The exception being Airstreams! They don’t have Airstreams in Europe, and they are a hot commodity over there. I know this because an older couple that lives down the street from my parent’s house in rural Massachusetts were selling their old Airstream trailer out in their front yard, and someone from Sweden found out about it, flew over here to look at it, had it put in a shipping container and brought back to Sweden with him so that he could restore it and re-sell it. Apparently the cost of flying over here and shipping a 25 foot trailer to Sweden was worth it, which makes me think I should be restoring campers across the pond….



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Camper Eye-Candy

Here’s something cute!

This is the Shingle Shack – a restored 1967 Forester 13 ft. camper. She’s up for sale on Tin Can Tourists (see the listing with more pictures and a description here).

I want to see more creative campers like this! I have sketchbooks full of ideas for weird, one-of-a-kind campers. If you or someone you know has a unique camper or motorhome, please share it with me and I’ll put it up on the blog!

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The Blastolene “Decoliner” – camper eye candy

Here’s this week’s camper eye candy, and also Camper of The Week!

Meet the “Decoliner”

The Decoliner is made from an older camper chassis, but has been completely re-built. It features teak decking, portal windows, and flying bridge which can also drive the bus! Ah-mazing!

Check out this awesome video about the builder and his Decoliner: The Blastolene Story.

The Decoliner is probably one of my favorite custom mobile homes out there. Also, I love the name of the guy’s hot-rod building company: Blastolene! So cool!

If you have a suggestion for an awesome home-built camper/RV/crazy thing on wheels, let me know about it and I’ll feature it here!

Also, as a side note to my readers:

I’m going to be traveling for the next few days until Friday of next week, and will only have limited internet access, so won’t be able to post as often while I’m gone. I’m hoping I see some little European campers, and if I do, I’ll take lots of pictures to show you all 🙂  And when I get back, I’ll be back with a bang! We’ll have some fabulous guest posts when I return and some great DIY projects, so stay tuned, ok?

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Some Serious Camper Eye Candy

I promised you some vintage trailer eye candy. Here it is. Probably one of my favorite camper photos ever. One day I will live in a high-rise camper community like this one…just imagine solar panels and wind power turbines on each one.

Part of my work is removing the stigma from living in trailers and trailer parks.

I later found out this was a set?! For a play or something?! I like to think someone lives there now.

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Things to look forward to this week!

Hey readers! Just wanted to let you know what fun things I’ll be talking about this week. Something to look forward to!

– Sustainability on Wheels: Campers and the Tiny House Movement.

– Things to look for (and things to watch out for and avoid) when picking out a used camper to restore, convert, or make into a home.

– My top 5 favorite things that are original to The COMET: My favorite things about the Comet as it is right now, pre – restoration. Vintage fanatics will LOVE this. The old Avalon trailers were VERY unique inside!

– Some new design-oriented drawings of The COMET, including illustrations with the modifications to come!

– Tiny House and Camper eye candy galore!

Stay Tuned! And if there’s ever anything you’d like to see me write about, or you have an idea for a post, don’t hesitate to let me know! If there’s any specific questions you may have pertaining to vintage campers and repairing them, or anything else, please send me a message!



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