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Very Quick COMET update

Hey all!

I spontaneously moved the COMET from her hiding place behind my father’s mill building back to my house/workshop yesterday. The weather had been consistently nice and it’s time to break some ground inside. I towed her myself for the first time and she handled as nicely as I could expect from a trailer that old!

I’ll post pictured of her in her new home later on, but for now I am on my way to a Photovoltiac workshop at Hampshire College, where I am helping to build a “solar wagon” which will hang out near the bus stop and charge cell phones, laptops, ipods, etc. Check out soldesignlab.com to see what I mean.

Oh, and big THANK YOU to Derek Diedricksen over at Relaxshacks.com, who did a blog post about me today. Thanks Deek for helping me get the word out about The COMET project!! And if you haven’t already, go over to relaxshacks.com and sign up for tiny house summer camp, it’s going to be awesome. July 6-9th in Vermont tiny houses galore full roster to be announced today and I’ve heard it’s going to be NUTS!


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The COMET update

Yesterday I received a check in support of The COMET project from a grant that I had applied to months ago. They never emailed me or contacted me to let me know that I was the recipient, so I was super surprised and SO HAPPY when I opened the mail! Things are really starting to happen! Thank you Hampshire College for supporting my work!

Also, another update: I was planning on purchasing a composting toilet for The COMET, as there are a few companies that make waterless composting toilets specifically for boats and RVs. After talking to a friend of mine and fellow camper enthusiast Hayden Cummings (he’s the guy I buy ALL of my campers from because he’s awesome…more on him later!) we decided to design and build our own composting toilets for our campers that use the existing bathroom infrastructure. That means saving money (the composting toilets for RVs are REALLY expensive) AND a great DIY project to show all of you!! I’m looking forward to that. I’ll be visiting him in his camper wonderland (you’ll see) in NYC soon, so keep an eye out for pictures and more on that “down the road” hehe.

I also also want to direct you all to my Sponsors page, where you will see that I have a new sponsor! On The Green Road – sustainable and off-grid camper buddies Cece Reinhardt and Brenda Daugherty, became my first official Sponsor the other day! Thank you, On The Green Road! Check out my Sponsors page for more on them, and stay tuned for an in-depth post about them coming up soon! They are really lovely ladies doing amazing things with their camper: http://www.greenrvlife.com. More on them later!

Okay that’s all the updates for right now…later on today I’ll be posting “Tips for buying your first vintage camper, PART 1 and PART 2”, where I discuss how to find a vintage camper and what to look for (and watch out for and avoid!) when inspecting a potential camper project.

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