Thank You Samuel Morris Sustainability Fund!!!

I want to give a gigantic THANK YOU to the Hampshire College Samuel Morris Sustainability Endowment Fund for awarding me their grant in support of The COMET. They have made the largest contribution to The COMET project so far, and I am absolutely stunned and honored to have so much support and encouragement. As of yesterday, I have reached 1/2 of the total funding I will need to complete The COMET, which is very exciting! Thank you, Thank you!

This brings up another point as well, which is budget transparency and funding. I want supporters and readers to know where my funding comes from, and how and where that money is used to make The COMET a reality. I also want to be really clear about the cost of each component of the COMET, whether it be systems, interior finishes, or other supplies or materials. I want anyone who wants to do something similar to have my budget as a resource and as a guide for how much it costs to build and live in a completely off-the-grid, self-sufficient camper. I am going to work on making the “Wish List” page on this website a “Wish List and Budget” page, so that readers know exactly how much each piece of this tiny green puzzle that is The COMET costs and how grants and educational funds are supporting my project. Transparency is key!

My work in progress COMET logo!

Also, as you may know, you can donate to The COMET project, and support the tiny mobile green classroom and education in sustainability by heading over to the “DONATE” page (look at the top of the website, under the title) and clicking the Donate button! 🙂 And get in touch if you’d like to partner with or sponsor The COMET, I’m looking to create relationships with businesses and people that believe in a tiny, mobile, sustainable future.

Thanks again to the Samuel Morris Sustainability Fund and everyone else supporting The COMET!!

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One thought on “Thank You Samuel Morris Sustainability Fund!!!

  1. CosmicGirl says:

    I love your logo!! It looks like it’s almost flying down a highway enjoying life!! Great design!!
    I love your blog, too! I’m hoping to live this same way very,very soon 😀

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