You can donate any amount to The COMET project. Every donation counts and is very much appreciated! You contribution will help make The COMET possible. You will be supporting education in sustainable design, green building materials and practices, energy alternatives, and the Tiny House movement. To support the tiny green mobile classroom, please donate below!


2 thoughts on “DONATE

  1. Deek D says:

    Hey, if I get a chance, I can do a card sketch of your camper for you- perhaps you can use prints of it to raise some money for your project…..I did the same for “Tiny: The Movie” and it raised them $300 in a week- can’t hurt- it’ll give me something fun to sketch too….


    • That would be AWESOME! I was trying to think of some good “rewards” before I launch the kickstarter thing, and a print of something by you would be perfect! If you have time, you totally should! I can send you some more pictures, too.
      Thanks, Deek!

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