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Thank You Samuel Morris Sustainability Fund!!!

I want to give a gigantic THANK YOU to the Hampshire College Samuel Morris Sustainability Endowment Fund for awarding me their grant in support of The COMET. They have made the largest contribution to The COMET project so far, and I am absolutely stunned and honored to have so much support and encouragement. As of yesterday, I have reached 1/2 of the total funding I will need to complete The COMET, which is very exciting! Thank you, Thank you!

This brings up another point as well, which is budget transparency and funding. I want supporters and readers to know where my funding comes from, and how and where that money is used to make The COMET a reality. I also want to be really clear about the cost of each component of the COMET, whether it be systems, interior finishes, or other supplies or materials. I want anyone who wants to do something similar to have my budget as a resource and as a guide for how much it costs to build and live in a completely off-the-grid, self-sufficient camper. I am going to work on making the “Wish List” page on this website a “Wish List and Budget” page, so that readers know exactly how much each piece of this tiny green puzzle that is The COMET costs and how grants and educational funds are supporting my project. Transparency is key!

My work in progress COMET logo!

Also, as you may know, you can donate to The COMET project, and support the tiny mobile green classroom and education in sustainability by heading over to the “DONATE” page (look at the top of the website, under the title) and clicking the Donate button! 🙂 And get in touch if you’d like to partner with or sponsor The COMET, I’m looking to create relationships with businesses and people that believe in a tiny, mobile, sustainable future.

Thanks again to the Samuel Morris Sustainability Fund and everyone else supporting The COMET!!

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Quick COMET update


Today I have a lot of grant-related things to do for The COMET. I’m going to be “pitching” the project to a panel of judges that will determine if it’s a good fit for their funds. I’m really excited about it! I’ve been practicing my intro, and it made me realize how incredibly complex The COMET project is. It’s just so far-reaching and multi-dimensional. This grant is particularly interested in how it socially engages with a community, which is what I love about The COMET: it’s engaging people all over the world through this website, and it’s benefiting my local community as people come to me for help doing their own  sustainability projects. I’ve gotten lots of offers from volunteers that want to help me with the build process and in return learn the skills associated with tiny house building, interior finishing, and photovoltaic installation (to name a few). What I’m most excited about is the prospect of building my own small vacuum form, and then designing and fabricating my own urine diverter kit. This will allow me to show you all an awesome DIY project, and it will avail me to holding local workshops with my community where I explain how to build a DIY urine-diverting toilet, and I can give people the urine diverters (easily reproduced) to take home and build their own waterless toilet in their house!

It’s all about empowering people to take action. I want to de-mystify these processes and techniques, and make cost-prohibitive things available and affordable to everyone. Let’s get to it!


And as always, you can support The COMET and help make it happen by donating either on the “DONATE” page (click the little button) or by clicking on the button at the bottom of the Home page/the bottom of each post page.


Totally un-related:

The tow wiring on these old campers is always a MESS!

I was incredibly relieved and excited to find that the undercarriage of The COMET is metal and not roofing tar. It is all intact and in great condition. No holes and no sagging at all! This means there probably aren’t mice nesting in there. And it means I don’t have to replace it, which is awesome!!

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