About The COMET Project

The COMET (Cost-effective, Off-grid Mobile Eco Trailer) is an exercise in sustainability and small space living. It is an educational tool for children and adults alike. It is a DIY guide for others wanting to pare down and have little to no negative impact on the environment, other humans, and themselves. She is a preservation of incredible design of the past meshed with the essential design of the future.

The plan is to turn this 1960’s Avalon trailer into The COMET: a full-time healthy living space and mobile classroom that is completely self sufficient and has no environmental impact. All materials used in The COMET will be sustainably produced or sourced from re-purposed materials. There will be a focus on re-used and free building materials. Everything in The COMET has to be healthy for humans too: that means no toxins and no harmful chemicals. The COMET is taking a holistic approach to house design: healthy for the environment, the inhabitants, and the people who produced the materials. The COMET will be an interactive space so that it can serve as an educational tool and mobile classroom as well. Clear wall panels to expose systems in action? A little window through which you can touch the super soft non-toxic insulation in the wall? You may see things in The COMET that you wouldn’t see in a traditional home, but it will make it more fun to learn from!

The entire process will be documented (right here!) to engage the public with the Tiny House Movement and sustainable building practices. This website will also serve as a DIY guide for others wanting to explore tiny space living and living off the grid and on the land. I will be building a number of original designs that you can apply to your own tiny house project or camper conversion. And we’re focusing on affordability and DIY here, because a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle needs to be accessible by everyone.

Finally, The COMET will hit the road and travel across the US visiting schools and institutions, giving open houses, and talking to people about what sustainability means. Spreading the word, educating and getting people excited about sustainable living is the what this is all about!

I think we've squeezed at least 8 people into the COMET at one time...

I think we’ve squeezed at least 8 people into the COMET at one time…These are some visitors at the November Tiny House Design/Build in Stoughton with Deek.

The Avalon in NYC, before she was mine!

4 thoughts on “About The COMET Project

  1. Shirley McLean says:

    Great idea, look forward to seeing the finished product

  2. Kristie says:

    I love following you- I have a 1970 15′ Avalon my daughter and I camp in- the inside was updated abit by the former owner- we just finished painting ours- love the vintage campers!

    • Thanks for reading Kristie! So glad you like the blog. I can’t believe you have an Avalon too! They are uncommon. Send me a picture of yours! Vintage campers are the greatest. I can’t think of anything that makes me happier.

  3. Half-price says:

    I love the interactive nature of the COMET. I’m just finding your blog and definitely looking forward to your updates now that you are done with your busy summer schedule.

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