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Things to look forward to this week!

Here’s what’s comin’ up this week on The Comet Camper blog!

– Tiny House + vintage camper eye-candy, as usual
– Camper of the Week, of course!
– Bonded Logic UltraTouch denim insulation mini-review of the samples I got
– Soy-Gel review – it’s an eco-friendly stripper.
– Those scale drawings of The COMET and proposed modifications that I didn’t get to this past week 🙂

– A post all about On The Green Road, my sponsors and green-minded camper friends Cece and Brenda.

– Review of one of the recipe’s from either Making It or Make Your Place that I’ll be trying this week. Most likely it’ll be how to make the natural stick deodorant.

– Another book review of one of the unusual 1970’s eco-design books I have on my bookshelf. So many good pictures.


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