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European Tiny Appliances for Tiny Houses

When I was in London last week we stayed in a little one-and-a-half room apartment that had all of the amenities in miniature form. I don’t exactly know the brands of some of these tiny appliances, and to be honest it took me a while to figure out how to work them! So I’m not sure how available these particular models are in the States, but I thought that these were all great space-saving ideas for a tiny house!

First off, there was a tiny dishwasher. I kind of think that a dishwasher would be a luxury in a tiny house, and that to save space most people would just op to hand-wash their dishes. But this one was so tiny!! It probably saves water too.

Tiny dishwasher

There was also a small washer/dryer combination (it all happens in the same machine!) hidden in another cabinet. You’d never have to move the laundry again! Above the washer/dryer is the super small oven/microwave combination. Everything multitasked!


And our final tiny European appliance is the stove top – with just two burners and a really smooth look. It’s set into the countertop and takes up virtually no space.


I thought all of these would work well in a tiny house. Not sure of the price tag on these sorts of mini-appliances, but they sure are cute!


I’ll post some more pictures of the totally cool vehicles/buses I saw in London a little bit later, so stay tuned!

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