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More Refined 3D Models

Good Morning!

Yesterday was another day spent in The COMET, measuring and again, simultaneously modeling, a more refined interior 3d model with SketchUp. I measured all of the ceiling and put the vents and light fixtures into the model. I spent hours measuring and diagramming the intricacies of the main cabinet, which has 3 parts that hold the closet, the fridge and some drawers, and the toilet closet.

Here’s some highlights of what I did:

So above you can see the main cabinet, on the back wall, has been broken up into it’s 3 parts. This is the model with the doors to each of the cabinets/drawers on. The cabinet to the far left is the clothing closet, the middle section used to have a fridge in the top opening and the lower 3 are drawers and cabinets. The cabinet on the right is the toilet! You can also see the vents and light fixture in this image – the vents are grey and the light fixture is that box on the ceiling. Yesterday while I was there I was trying to figure out if I would need to add any more light fixtures or wire up any more wall plugs. There seems to be just enough, but I need to make a serious list of what I have that uses power to figure it out.


In these two images I have hidden the cabinet door layers so that you can see inside the cabinets (I’ve also hidden the galley cabinet and galley counter, but you can see the footprint of it on the floor). Like I said, left side is the closet, middle is fridge spot up top and drawers/cabinets below, and the right side is the bathroom. The orange block at the bottom of the closet is the wheel well. You can also see the vents and lights a little better in this one.

Right  now the spot for the fridge (and I don’t have the fridge that actually fits it) is the top section of the middle cabinet. In the next image you can see the fridge vent. Most likely that whole middle part of the main cabinet will be reconfigured so that the top-opening chest-style solar powered fridge that I have my eye on can fit in there, I can comfortably open it form the top, and have some food storage/pantry above it.

As you can see, and as I wish I could convey to you, the bathroom is insanely tiny. I sat in there the other day just for laughs and it is cramped even for me, and I am tiny! But I think I’ll gain some leg room when I install the custom composting toilet, because I’ll move the seat closer to the back wall and make it as small as I can.


This is just a preliminary roof sketch based on the vents from the interior (I still want to climb up there and measure everything form the exterior). The purple squares are the existing vents: two air vents, one fridge vent, and the tiny purple circle is the bathroom vent. This diagram gives me a good idea of what I have to work with in terms of configuring the 3 solar panels I’m getting. There’s definitely room for 2 up there, but depending on how I set them up, I can either try to fit a third on the roof or instead fit a third panel on the side that lays down flat when I’m mobile and pops up when I’m parked.


As I spend more and more time in The COMET, finding out exactly how much cubic feet I have to work with is really interesting. Paring down to 16 ft. (total is 112 sq ft, but that includes cabinets and benches and everything) will not be super easy for me. I’ve always had multiple bedrooms, and I’ve always been a collector. I’m going to miss my vinyl and my vintage knick knacks! My unicorn collection (that makes me sound like a 70 year old lady – I’m not though)! And I have way too many clothes, again I’m a collector of vintage everything, so that will be tough too. To be fair, most of the stuff I have like furniture and clothing is for my store (I have a little online shop, PlanetQueenVintage.etsy.com: vintage is the most fun way to recycle!!). But it’s really starting to hit hard what I’ll have to do without! Of course I’ll be able to store some of my things with my parents, but not like I do now. Though it makes me sad to think of everything I will have to get rid of, it’s also incredibly freeing and wonderful to think about, because I’ve been overhwhelmed by materials possessions my whole life. Freedom!


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G Green Design Center in Mashpee

Friday, two days ago, was an amazing day. I drove a couple of hours out to Mashpee, MA to meet with the lovely people at G Green Design Center, an eco-friendly and people friendly one-stop shop. I went there to meet with the manager, see some samples, and get some info about which materials might be best suited in The COMET. G Green Design Center has everything from countertops and flooring, to bedding, rain collection systems, paint, and upcycled handbags. If it’s green, they’ve got it. The showroom is gorgeous and super fun to explore. One of my favorite things about sustainable building materials and interiors, and especially things made from recycled materials, is the visual texture of those products. I love when you can see the little bits of broken mirror that went into the recycled glass countertops, or when you can feel the variation and softness of the cork flooring. I think visual and textural things like that are really engaging, and definitely something I want to incorporate into The COMET (like the UltraTouch denim insulation, for example, you can see little pieces of blue jeans in it and that is so neat!).

recycled tableware, plates made from plant starch

I spent hours and hours looking at Marmoleum and cork flooring options, feeling the super soft UltraTouch denim insulation and sheeps-wool insulation, and lusting after the BioGlass countertops (way out of my price range, but so gorgeous). It was incredibly rewarding to touch and see these things in real life that I had been researching and looking at pictures of for the last 8 months. It’s such a different experience than shopping online, and really nothing compares to having the most knowledgable and invested people helping you choose the right thing for your home. Paula, whom I met with, was incredibly helpful and answered all of my questions with ease. She took the time to show me everything in the showroom, which was awesome.

The other great thing about shopping at a place like G Green Design Center is the comfort of knowing the quality of the products you are looking at. And not just durability or performance, but also the social and environmental responsibility of the product. When you see something online marketed as “green” or “eco-friendly”, you’re not exactly sure in what way or how “green” that thing really is. At G Green Design Center, you know that each item has been rigorously researched and personally chosen by the owner, an that it made it into the showroom because of it’s high integrity as an eco- and people- friendly product.

A cross-section example of Paperstone

We were looking for a few specific things for The COMET. I know I need flooring, countertops, some wood-like material to build a convertible table out of, fabric, paint, insulation, and some paneling in order to complete the interior. All of the countertops were beautiful, but I learned that some require more maintenance than others, which is a consideration I needed to factor in. Also, the recycled glass and cement countertops were heavier than the Paperstone and Richlite countertops (both of which are made from compressed recycled paper), and weight is definitely important when we’re talking about a mobile house.

I love the layers and stripes in this countertop

I looked at the sustainable flooring options: cork, Marmoleum, bamboo, and wool carpet. I had always liked the Marmoleum, and the Marmoleum Click line is good for a mobile situation and is DIY: super easy to install. Both the cork and the Marmoleum natural linoleum came in click panels, so basically it’s a matter of what colors I like!

This would look great with some LED lighting illuminating it from underneath

We touched all of the different types of insulations and spent a good amount of time with the tableware and other accessories. I got some really good ideas for finishing touches in The COMET. And G Green Design Center has it’s own paint mixer, so you can get any color of paint under the sun mixed into the no-VOC paint right there!

It was great to talk to some like-minded people in the green building business. We talked about how small spaces, tiny houses, and mobile living is a great way to make these green building materials, which are still relatively expensive, attainable for everyone on a budget. Maybe you couldn’t afford to put a 20 foot slab of BioGlass countertop in your home, but in a tiny house, 3 feet of countertop is suddenly do-able.

We also talked about how green building and green interiors have influenced our lives way beyond our built homes. I was saying how all of my research into green building practices has lead me into the world of sustainable homesteading, self-sufficiency, and has lead me to rethink my diet. Another girl working at G said she too had that experience when she began working at the Green Design Center: she bought all of her family recycling bins and a tabletop composter, and it’s totally changed their daily behavior.

If your in the area, I highly suggest you check out G Green Design Center in Mashpee, MA. It will be well worth your while!

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