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New Event Added to Events + Appearances, and a call for vintage campers + Tiny Housers

Hey everybody!

I mentioned about a week ago that I was planning, in conjunction with the Brattleboro, VT KOA (Kampground of America), a vintage trailer + tiny house rally/event for the weekend of July 20-22. I’ve added the event to the Events + Appearances page of this website, so check out full details there!

In celebration of their 40th anniversary, the KOA of Brattleboro, Vermont is hosting a rally/event to honor vintage campers (and any other unique mobile dwellings). We are looking for vintage campers, tiny houses on wheels, gypsy caravans, custom buses/vans, and any other unique dwelling on wheels that could fit into a campsite to attend the rally and display their camper/etc. Enthusiasts are also welcome! Bring your restoration, your custom caravan, or your vintage vehicle. There will be many interesting one-of-a-kind mobile dwellings, and the weekend will be full of cool caravans of all kinds. Please get in touch with me (via the CONTACT page) if you are interested in attending with your little home on wheels. Those who display their camper (or any other vehicle/trailer) get a special discount for the weekend!

The COMET will be there, on display, and I’m really excited to show off it’s progress!

Now check out this awesome vintage trailer!

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A very exciting time: a call for Vintage Campers, Vardos, Caravans, Buses, Vans and Tiny Houses

Good morning!

It is a very exciting time to be working on The COMET. As I mentioned yesterday, The COMET and I will be making an appearance at the Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshop in Boston next month, as well as Derek DEEK Diedricksen’s Tiny House Summer Camp weekend in July. Now I am planning an event at a campground in Brattleboro, VT that honors vintage campers (and in the COMET’s case, looks to the future while honoring vintage trailer past) and tiny houses. It really is a dream come true for me. It’s almost too exciting! If you are in the Northeast and have a vintage trailer or are a vintage trailer enthusiast, please get in touch with me via the CONTACT page, as I am looking for more vintage campers/converted vans/gypsy caravans/custom buses/unique mobile dwellings of all types to come to this event in Brattleboro. People who bring a vintage camper/van/caravan/etc will get a special discount at the campground. Similarly, if you have a tiny house on wheels that you would like to display at this rally/event, please get in touch with me! It’s going to be great to have vintage campers next to tiny cabins. Anything unique and on wheels!

I want to see more Cramps themed campers....photo taken from Hicksville Trailer Palace website

Also at the Hicksville Trailer Palace. One of my favorite vintage camper photos.


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