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The COMET, expanded

What does The COMET mean?

C – Cost-efficient. The Comet will focus on using affordable products and affordable methods in it’s construction. It is important to me that the goal of The COMET is within reach for anyone wanting an alternative way of living. I will be using as many free and recycled materials as possible, as well as salvaging what can be re-used in the original trailer.I’ll be divulging lots of good resources for cost-efficient materials and projects.

O – Off-grid. The Comet will be completely self-sustaining in energy and resource use. Some of the systems that will be incorporated include photovoltaic, rainwater collection, and a composting toilet. The Comet will be able to function completely off the grid. It’s the ultimate freedom!

M – Mobile. Of course, the nature of the camper trailer is to be mobile. The advantage of this is flexibility and cost-efficiency. Flexibility in your housing can lead to opportunity and greater personal freedom. Financially, a mobile structure is generally less expensive to maintain and keep. In most states anything on wheels is exempt from building codes, zoning laws, and taxes!

E – Eco. Eco-friendly means good for the planet and the environment. It also translates into “human” friendly as natural products are generally more healthy for us than products soaked in chemicals. The materials that I use in The Comet will be sustainably produced and non-toxic. All building materials (aside from what I can find for free/recycled – which still have to be healthy of course) will be examples of new technologies in sustainable “green” building methods. In addition to using only Eco-friendly building materials, all of the fabric, linens, cleaning products, hygienic products, etc. within The Comet will also be eco- and people- friendly. The trailer itself will be “green” by using only renewable energy sources. It’s really important to me that The Comet is a naturally safe, healthy, and environmentally responsible home.

T – Trailer. Because that’s how we roll! Literally. Get it?

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