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The COMET: Interior SketchUp Models

So today I spent all day inside The COMET (which was surprisingly warm despite the 30 degree weather outside and considering it has no heat, broken windows and 1950’s insulation). I was measuring all of the interior space (cabinets, beds, appliances, etc) and simultaneously making a SketchUp 3D model so that I could begin to figure out how much I need of each material (flooring, countertop, paint). Here are some stills of the model I’m working on…and keep in mind, it’s a rough draft! The green color is just to differentiate between walls and cabinets. Soon I’ll use these stills to diagram the interior space in a more conceptual way. Also, this is just the interior measurements (no windows, no door) and the exterior still needs to be measured.

Google SketchUp is a free 3D modeling tool, it’s very easy to use and an awesome resource. If you don’t already use it, download it and start fooling around!

You can see the front benches (missing the kitchen table)

I’m glad to have this working model, now I can (finally!) not only figure out how much I need of each material/building supply, but also begin to figure out what modifications I will be making: for example, where the refrigerator will go, which parts I’ll move around and rearrange, and how I want to personalize and maximize the design of the space. Also, I’ll be able to put on potential solar panels in different configurations, test out some different ideas for the bumper greenhouse, and some other things. I’m really excited! I also came up with the idea of using textured colored glass as the bathroom window, for privacy and color (one of my closest friends is a stained-glass smith, and I think I can get some scraps from him). I also thought, since the window in the door is broken, he and I should make a stained glass window for it out of scraps or recycled glass he has around the shop!

Also, as a side note about something I thought about all day today: I’m going to design and fabricate my own urine diverter (and build a vacuum form to do it) because I had an awful experience trying to find a good composting toilet situation for a small space like The COMET. I’m going to build the composting toilet, and there will be instructions on how to do everything (the vacuum forming , fabricating the diverter, building the toilet) right here on cometcamper.wordpress.com! Power to the DIY people!

So the post about my awesome day yesterday in Mashpee with “G” Green Design Center and Cotuit Solar is going to have to wait until tomorrow, but it will be very worth it and I encourage you all to check back tomorrow!!

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I don’t know much about composting (I’ve always composted – having lived in collectives/communes most of my life so far – but don’t know the science behind it per-se), but I’m about to learn. Because I know I will have a composting toilet in The COMET, I have been looking into more information about composting food waste and humanure.

I’ve been reading The Humanure Handbook (third edition) which you can find here for free download: http://humanurehandbook.com/

Now that I’ve decided to build my own composting toilet for The Comet camper and opted not to purchase a very expensive one, I really look forward to reading this book. I’m hoping to make the most out of a composting toilet/other compost situation on the road by having a “bumper” garden…I’m working on a design for a little greenhouse that mounts onto the back of The COMET.

I’ve also been reading about worm farms and worm bin composting…there are some great DIY guides out there for making your own cheap worm bin. This may not be ideal for the mobile lifestyle, but I plan on living in The COMET in some places for extended amounts of time at some point, and it’s pretty interesting anyway. Maybe I can get my parents to get a worm bin!

Another composting situation that REALLY appeals to me (and is not perfect for mobile living either, but hey!) is a bunny rabbit compost set-up. Apparently rabbit poop is really good for compost, and can even be used raw (without going through a composting process at all!). I was reading about a set-up where there is a compost bin directly underneath the rabbit’s coop/dwelling, and the poop just goes right into the compost! I’m not exactly sure how well this works in practice, but it seems like a great idea. I’d be really excited about a bunny or two…of course they are adorable and I love little animals!

Coming up later today: PART 2 of “Advice for Buying Your First Vintage Camper”, where I go into detail about what to look for and what to avoid when looking at a potential camper project. Lots of pictures! Stay tuned!

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