Neon Victorian Tiny House (that’s right, NEON PINK)

Finally! Finally I have found a picture of one of my favorite tiny houses! I have walked by this little gem a hundred times, and I always forget exactly where it was or how to find it as if it was only a dream. But no, it’s real. It’s located in Newport RI (my parents have a trailer in Newport on a beach – the whole trailer thing sort of runs in the family) so I’ve seen it in real life and it always makes me swoon. It’s so detailed – from the colored shingles to the gorgeous bay window out front. Next time I’m in Newport I’ll take some detail photos, but for now feast your eyes and be inspired by this house. More tiny houses should be painted these colors…in my opinion. Death to boring houses!

neon victorian house

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7 thoughts on “Neon Victorian Tiny House (that’s right, NEON PINK)

  1. ET says:

    Sorry you feel compelled to call death on my beautiful, unpainted tiny house.

  2. strivingfortiny says:

    Holygod, it’s so squeeeeee!!! ❤ I love it!!!
    What a fun post! Little painted places like this make me want to play house again 😀

    • I know, I’m in love with it! I would like to see what it is – a boutique or home or what. I’ll report back when I check it out this summer!

      • strivingfortiny says:

        Yes! You have to! LOL Cuz I need to know what’s inside of it, too!! lolol. It’s like they took a big painted lady victorian and shrank it in the drier then stuffed it between two buildings! LOL

  3. Hah! Exactly! I think the reason I’m so drawn to it (besides the neon pink) is that it’s so dense with details. There’s so much ornate-ness happening in such a tiny space – it’s like Victorian overload. Haha, now that I think of it, it reminds me of the kind of goth I was in middle school – really obnoxious colors and frills. Ha!

    • strivingfortiny says:

      LOL Victorian overload!!
      All the crazy colors make it really fun to look at. The detail and stuff are beyond adorable and intricate. It actually reminds me of a Lego house 😀

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