Marmoleum Click flooring SketchUp model


Yesterday I received my pallet full of goodies from the wonderful Green Building Supply. I got the UltraTouch denim insulation (which is so soft and squishy I want to make a bed out of it), lots of no-VOC paint for the interior and exterior, and my Marmoleum Click flooring! I’m really excited about the Marmoleum flooring – it’s antimicrobial, all natural, and really nice to step on. I know the flooring doesn’t go down until everything else is done, but I made up these models in SketchUp so I would know exactly how to lay out each panel (the Marmoleum I got comes in 12″ x 36″ planks).

I chose the black (“Lava”) and white (“Arabian Pearl”) because I felt like it would go with whatever color scheme (or lack there of, haha – I like to mix and match whatever I can find) I choose for the interior. I also think it’s a nice nod to the past, as many vintage campers had the classic 50’s-style black and white checkered linoleum floors. This design is a modern, updated version of those classic black and white tiles!


Oh, and here’s a teaser for the DIY vacuum form table step-by-step DIY project, which is coming to very soon! It’s taking me a little bit to get the instructions and materials list together, because I’ve been so busy out in The COMET working every day, but a full DIY guide is on it’s way, I PROMISE!

That’s me, cutting out the frame for the plastic. Photo credit + moral support credit: Matt Carroll. Thanks, buddy!

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6 thoughts on “Marmoleum Click flooring SketchUp model

  1. pamela says:

    just wanted you to know that i am thoroughly enjoying your blog posts!
    good luck on your project, and do be careful with that saw! LOL
    don’t want it to get hold of your neck scarf and tear it up.

    can’t wait to see more of your work and thanks again!

    • Thank you Pamela! And that is good advice…no scarves when you’re using a jigsaw! Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂 If there’s anything in particular you’d like me to cover on the blog, drop me a line!

      • pamela says:

        oh wow, well, I’m interested in the water system actually. where you find small sinks, will there be a shower etc. also, will you do any rainwater harvesting for your water supply? will you have solar or some other off grid alternative for your power needs?

        just wondering about it. I love the tiny house movement and if I were younger, I’d build me one of those little things and make it where it could be off grid.
        oh and also, I was interested in that flooring you are using. You may have already covered this but, does it glue down? And they snap together?
        sounds fascinating and something I would put in my tiny house, if I were young enough to build one. LOL

  2. Pam! That’s a great question. Yes, I will have a rainwater harvesting system to collect and filter my water. I will be using a combination of gutters, awnings, and other collectors to gather the water, then filter it within The COMET. The original tiny pink sink is in The COMET already, and I’ll use that because it’s the perfect small size. You can find tiny sinks at RV supply stores (If you’re in the area, I suggest Timbucktu RV in Worcester, MA) and at the ReStore. I will have an outdoor solar-heated shower, as there is no room for one inside. Check out my post from a few days ago about solar showers.
    I will have 555 Watts of solar power (3 185-watt panels) which will satisfy all of my power needs and then some. The COMET will be COMPLETELY off-grid all the time, so solar power and rainwater are very important systems. My solar power system will be all DC for increased efficiency.
    Marmoleum Click flooring is a DIYers dream – It uses no adhesive because it is a “floating” floor. All you need is the flooring tiles or planks, and they simply “click” together. Done! That’s why I chose it – it’s so simple and looks great, and is super eco-friendly.

    I’ll do some more posts about the rainwater and solar power systems, so thank you for bringing that up! If you have more questions don’t hesitate to ask 🙂

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