Tiny House Parking Lot Surprise



The other day I accidentally found the coolest parking lot in Worcester, MA. I unexpectedly drove into the parking lot where my friend Ian’s timber-framed tiny house is located (see his house and more here: http://littletimberhouse.blogspot.com/), as well as my other friends’ “Studio Bus” (a converted school bus that is now a living space, recording studio, and more). There was also a GOLD metallic school bus back there, but I don’t know what that was. I had no idea all the weird Worcester tiny/mobile houses were in this one secret spot behind a big warehouse. I also checked out the big open indoor warehouse space where there is talk of tiny house collective-ness…

Anyway, I didn’t have my camera on me so here are some pictures of Ian’s tiny house from his website. I know a lot of people are always wondering, “Once I build a tiny house, where will I put it?” and it can be hard to find a place to park your unusual mobile dwelling. I’m glad these kids found a great spot!


Also, I have some final mock-ups for the Marmoleum floors for the COMET, so stay tuned for those.


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