…And we’re back!

Hey everyone!

I was away from the blog this past week traveling with no internet access (turns out it is very hard to find free wifi in Europe!) but I am glad to be back in action today. I really missed The COMET while I was gone and can’t wait to get back into the swing of things this week. I took some really neat pictures of the tiny appliances in the apartment we were staying in, perfect ideas for a tiny house on wheels. I’ll post those pictures soon as I get ’em off the camera 🙂 I saw a couple of cool European campers, but as unable to get photos of them.

I also read more about vermiculture (worm farming and composting) and thought that in a mobile setting it probably makes the most sense to just have a worm farm and no traditional compost pile, since you’d only be making food scraps and no lawn waste or other debris. Anyway, more on that later!

I’ll also post some neat little pictures of the British wartime era posters that I saw at the Imperial War Museum about how important it is to grow your own food, and about how bunnies can be fed on grass, vegetables, etc. The illustrations are incredible!

All right, we’ll be back later with more posts and pictures. Until then!



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