London 2012

Hey readers!

I mentioned this yesterday, but just want to say that I’ll be traveling for the next few days and will only have limited internet access, so you won’t see as many posts as usual this week. I will post as often as I can, and will try to find some cool European caravans to take pictures of to show you all!

I’ll be visiting London, England, and will be going to the Design Museum London, where I will hopefully see some sustainable designer’s work, and I’ll post pictures of my favorite exhibits!

Like I said, when I return next week I’ll be back with a bang, so stay tuned. We’ll have our first guest post and some other neat stuff, and definitely a DIY project or two, so watch out!

The COMET has been really coming together this week, thanks to the help of many wonderful people/businesses helping me figure out what I need to make The COMET the best off-grid tiny mobile classroom/home ever! As I gather materials, I’ll post about what things I’ll be using in The COMET and why those things are particularly suited to a mobile tiny house. Hopefully it’ll be a little warmer out soon so I can start working outside and get down to business!

Thank you to everyone who’s been following my project and the blog, and everyone who’s been reading along. It means a lot to me!



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