I had an AWESOME day today (okay, technically yesterday because it’s late) and before I go into great detail about all the great stuff I did and saw earlier (tomorrow’s posts, so stay tuned!), I want to do a short post about the little thing I ended the day with. After an incredibly fulfilling and educational day visiting with sponsors and learning about options for green building materials and photovoltaic systems, I stopped by a health food/healthy lifestyle store on my way home that I’d never been to before. I went there specifically to pick up the Sprout-Ease Econo-Sprouter Toppers. These are a set of 3 grated  lids (in 3 different sized grates, and made of recycled plastic) that fit onto your standard mason jar. These nifty jar toppers allow you to easily sprout lentils, radish seeds, mung beans, and anything else you can think of to sprout! The set of 3 means you can have a constant supply of sprouts if you stagger them, and you can use different sized lids for different types of seeds or beans.

I’ve used these extensively before and they work great and make sprouting really easy. A few years ago my band was on tour for a long period of time, and our favorite road snack was sprouted lentils (which are super healthy and full of protein to fuel our rock n’ rollin’). We would rinse them out every day and just keep them in the rear window of the tour-mobile.

I found them for sale online at MotherNature.com, but you can probably find them in your local health food store. The 3 pack was only $4! Definitely worth it.

Also: Couple-a-things:

-My organic beeswax to be used in my home made deodorant making adventure is in the mail, which means that tutorial will be coming next week! Look out for that!

-I have some really great camper eye candy coming up …

-I’m really excited to share with you all my adventure from earlier today, and introduce you to a few more of my newest sponsors! Lots of info about green building materials and where to find them comin’ up tomorrow.

AND I have some 3D SketchUp models of The COMET and some nice computer drawings of her to share, so keep an eye out for that too.

If there’s ever anything you’d like to see me write about or explain here on The COMET Camper blog, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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2 thoughts on “Sprouting

  1. Alice says:

    Holy moly, I bought a set of those almost 30 years ago and I swear it’s exactly the same packaging. I still have the instruction pamphlet and the lids still work just fine.

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