Camper of the Week

1978 Van Mate, $3,250

Camper of the Week

This week’s Camper Of The Week is a “Van Mate” trailer. I would say it definitely qualifies as Camper Eye Candy as well, which is mostly why I picked it! It is all fiberglass which means it’s really light and easy to tow (fiberglass campers such as Casita, Boler, Scamp, etc. are all great choices if you have a small car that can’t tow much weight). I think it looks like the back of truck was cut off and made into a camper! I really like the pop-up top. No pictures of the interior, but the description says it has a full bathroom and everything all in that tiny little trailer. The Van Mate is located in California and the seller is asking $3250 for it. It says that it is a very rare trailer, and I’ve never seen anything like it so I would say that’s probably true! This particular trailer has a good story too: apparently it was once owned by the guy who did the voice for Yogi Bear, among other classic cartoons! Little piece-a-history.

You can see more pictures, a description, and find out how to purchase the trailer here:


I found this little camper on Tin Can Tourists, a great resource for vintage campers in all sorts of conditions ranging from projects for $500 to gorgeous fully restored silver palaces for $50,000. I get lost on that site for hours.




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2 thoughts on “Camper of the Week

  1. Bob Guilliams says:

    wow thank you so much for posting this response ,, this is my Van Mate all fiberglass pop up travel trailer 1978 Clown of a Dodge van by Van Mate with a really neat but sad history from the one and only owner Greg Burson / Warner bros , Cartoon voice ,, I want this to go to a good home but I have always dealt with more normal vintage trailers from 1938 and up ,, Please give me some insight on who would be the best fit and appreciate this rally cool fiberglass rig ,, Thank you in advance sir , Bob Guilliams …951-544-5164 ,,,

    • Hi Bob,
      Your Van Mate is really unique and I think you should have no trouble finding it’s next happy owner! I’ll let my friends know about it and hopefully the exposure on this blog will help the right buyer find it 🙂 I meant to let you know I had featured it here, so I’m glad you found it!

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