Camper of the Week

I’m going to start doing this little feature called Camper Of The Week, and here’s the first one! I spend countless hours looking at potential green-overhaul campers for sale on Tin Can Tourists, Craigslist, Ebay, and other vintage camper enthusiasts sites (more resources of that nature to come!). Each week I’m going to share my favorite find that is 1. a reasonable (maybe even cheap!) price, 2. a fixer-upper but not totally disgusting, and 3. looks like a cool camper to live in (and has a bathroom!).

1963 Avion, $1900

This week I found our Camper of the Week on Tin Can Tourists, my favorite vintage camper website ( –  they have a great classifieds section). This camper trailer is a 1963 Avion. Looks like an Airstream, right? Well this little trailer is great because it has the same classic silver-bullet look as the Airstream, but you won’t pay the premium price for the brand name. (Try finding an Airtream for less that $5K. I have a friend that spent a week digging an old Airstream literally out of the ground and still paid over $1000. Anyway, I digress!) I picked this camper because I think it’s a great size for fulltiming. The description says that it’s in “FAIR” condition, but by the looks of the pictures it seems totally usable and fixable. It also has a full bathroom! Essential.

The camper is in Michigan and the seller is asking $1900 for it. To see more pictures and the full listing (more description, how to contact the seller) go here:

**The way I see it, when you’re looking for a camper to convert into an off-grid green machine (solar panels, rainwater collection, composting toilet, etc), you want to find something that is in good enough condition, but not so good that you feel bad about tearing out the walls to get to the wiring and everything else. You probably don’t want something in vintage mint condition that you’re going to drill holes into for mounting solar panels…it’s best to save your money and get something that needs work anyway, if you’re going to be doing a conversion.**

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